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Carmen Casas has been providing professional services to the Houston and surrounding communities for over 20 years and is the founder and managing partner of Camseb Professional Services - An effective and capable Freelance Paralegal Services. As an experienced Bilingual Freelance Paralegal, she has been able to assist attorneys with the everyday running and case overload. The quality of service she has provided to clients that continue to reach out to her for over 20 years has been her most important achievement. With her various combinations of education, training, and work experience, Carmen at Camseb Professional Services is your ideal choice. 

Attorney, Joseph R. Soto with over 30 years of experience on immigration and family law will provide only the best representation to help clients navigate the immigration system and family law with ease and success. Mr. Soto has assisted in the preparation and filing of cases before the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Board of Immigration Appeals, Administrative Appeals Office, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and U.S. consulate throughout the world. With the constant changes in immigration law, it is important to hire an attorney with experience that is committed to adopting new ways to help clients. Attorney Joseph R. Soto has been serving families and people in Houston since 1984. That experience and his detailed knowledge of the legal process ensures you are getting the best possible service. Joseph R. Soto has been providing thousands of Houston area clients with the family law services they need at one of the most emotionally difficult times in their lives. He also serves those who need help from an immigration attorney, helping keep families together even while working through the immigration process.

Our Mission at Camseb Professional Services and Attorney Joseph R. Soto is to provide compassionate and tailored support to our Hispanic Community. With our experience we will holistically lead our clients through the barriers of a complex system and on the journey to achieve the American Dream. Our Houston Community will receive only the best services by developing relationship built on integrity and humility. No matter what type of immigration issue you may be facing, our qualified team will use their years of experience to help you overcome the process and reach for success. We strive to give efficient and skilled support that will allow us to better accomplish your goal, all while ensuring that you understand the process at hand. At Camseb Professional Services we will always answer your questions or concerns personally, ensuring that you are well prepared for the process ahead.

Carmen Casas